Discover Who You Are
Finally a tool that allows you to gain the psychological advantage


Discover your potential


Without compromising accuracy and reliability, Identi3 Profiling (pronounced as ‘identity’) is the ideal traits-based psychometric profiling tool.


Through its clever design, Identi3 is able to tell you more in a lesser time. It identifies the 8 Identi3 Types that people fall under and their 16 personality traits.


With a 36 years legacy, you have a peace of mind knowing that the world relies on Identi3 for selection, training, leadership, profiling and team building.



Identi3 is ideal for selection. By being able to profile your candidate accurately you are able to make informed hiring decisions.

Training . Coaching

Identi3 is suitable for training and coaching especially for top leaders. By identifying their trapped and conflicted behaviors, you are able to bridge performance goals quickly.


Team Building

When staff know their own Identi3 as well as their colleagues’, they trust each other and start to collaborate. Create real team building rather than team bonding.

Clever Design . Clever Results
superior in terms of performance


You can't go wrong with identi3profiling


Integrates 6 detectors to filter out inaccurate profiles



Consist of 20 statements that you complete in less than15 minutes 


Developed since 1984, yet staying current with changes



Users includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and institutes of higher learning


Identi3 has a validity coefficient of 0.926% and has been tested with a sample size 10,000 users across 3 continents  



More than 2000 users worldwide