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Overview of accreditation and career routes

Foundation Level

Duration: One Day (8 hours)

Version 1.14

July 2018

Program objective: To provide a foundation knowledge for users 

Deliverables: Upon completion of this 1 day program, you will understand the history of Identi3 Profiling, design methodology of this tool, what the 16 traits mean and how to conduct a basic interpretation. You will also learn how to spot inconsistent profiles, how to administer online and off-line tests. Whether you are a coach, trainer, HR administrator, you will learn the importance of traits-to-job fit and how to use the online job-fit index.

USD 830/ pax

  • Overview of Identi3 Profiling Tool 

  • Understanding the 16 traits 

  • Stages of an interpretation 

  • How to conduct a proper intepretation 

  • Administering Identi3 online and offline 

  • Identifying inconsistent profiles 

  • Understanding Traits-to-Job Fit 

  • How to use the Job-Fit Index 

  • Integrating with current workflow 

  • Review and assessment 


Intermediate Level

Duration: One Day (8 hours)

Version 1.06

Feb 2016

USD 700/ pax

Identi3 EDUCATION program

What's next after foundation and intermediate accreditation?

Great news! Embark on your specialization - Coach, Trainer or Consultant accreditation

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Online learning

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