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Psychometric Tool Provider

 Your Competitive Advantage

is not about better technology, process or products.
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It's about having the right people.


Identi3® helps you achieve the 3 'fits': (1) Job fit, (2) Team-fit, and (3) Culture-Fit

What is a psychometric test?

It's a ruler for understanding personality
Are you tall or short? Good or poor at sports?
Introverted or extroverted?

The tallest person in a family of short people might think they are tall. 

Your replies and everyone else’s will be subjective.

Your own answer may also be your self-perception


Psychometric test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behavior. 


It gives a record of each person according to a specific scale. 

What are the benefits of such

tests to employers?

Human resources is linked to your bottom-line
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A junior staff costs approximately $9,000 for three months.
A senior staff costs approximately $30,000 for three months. 

Now imagine them leaving after three months because they do not fit in. 

Psychometric tests assist employers to pick the right person for the right role and reduce costs of wrong job fit and training. 

You spend more time with the right candidate rather than spend too much time with someone who is not. 

What are the shortfalls of

using such tools?

With all psychometric tools, you may want to use them as a guide.
Over believing in the results or stereotyping other people with the results, is not a good way to use psychometric tools.

How do the Questions look like?

Rank the statements from most like you, to least like you
You choose what is more important over the other. 


When you list your preferences, you show how you are different from everyone else. 

Why is Personality a more important test that IQ or Reasoning tests?

The world has changed from a single contributor to team work
When work is more collaborative than it is performed individually, the importance of understanding and bridging personality between people takes center stage over IQ. 


Personality tests like Identi3® help to identify person-job fit, person-team fit and person-to-culture fit. These are more important factors compared to finding intelligent candidates.

What are the 16 traits that IDENTI3 measures?

IDENTI3 measures the way you think to the way you behave
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What are the 8 archetypes that IDENTI3 reveals?

The 8 archetype are strengths-based
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Assess if your candidate has Job-Fit 

The right personality for the job can yield of 300%
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Have you hired someone who did not perform?


Having the right traits help both employers and job applicants find the perfect match.

Assess if your candidate has Team-Fit 

The world has changed from a single contributor to team work
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Having the best people isn't enough. You need to help the dream team get their act together 


Identi3® helps you to coach dream teams to perform better

Assess your Team Dynamics 

and Organization-Culture 

Use data-analytics as a concrete way to drive actions
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Identi3® is more than a psychometric tool


Identi3® helps Management shape their organization culture.

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