1. Which are you: Claim your title & benefits

How deep is your experience with Identi3? Go through the 5 titles and claim your benefits


Enthusiastic and inspiring

You have experienced Identi3 Profiling tool. You felt the transformation deep down and can’t keep talking to your friends about it. You are our advocate in the community.


  • Your own free Identi3 namecard 

  • Get featured in our Youtube and Facebook on your transformation journey.

  • Volunteer at any of Identi3 activities and pick up free knowledge along the way.

  • Get paid when you help out in corporate assignments.

  • Refer a friend and get voucher.

  • Discounts on Identi3 items


2. Request your own name cards - Free!

We will print your name cards with your Identi3 Types for free! Whether it's a formal meeting or just a casual hangout, tell people who you really are!

Send us the following information for verification:

  • Occasion which you found out your Identi3 Type (Coaching, Team Building, Training etc)

  • Name of Trainer/ Coach who provided you the assessment

  • Your email address and telephone number to be included in the name card.


Unfortunately, we do not include your personal or company logo as this is meant for Ambassadors or Trainers of Identi3.

Success! Message received.


3. Download icons for use

Right click on the icon above to download the files in MSword.

Download your icons and use them on your name card, websites. Let other people know your strengths and how to work with you!​



4. Connect with your friends and colleagues

Connect with your friends and colleagues and find out the best ways to work with them. 

Coming soon!

5. Get Merchandise that speaks for you

Get mugs, iphone cases, pillows, wall clocks that says everything about your Identi3 Type. Never worry again that people do not know your true identi3. 

Coming soon!

6. Further Reading

Want to know more about the dimensions and Identi3 Types? Our colleague has put together his 12 years of experience in this field and he is giving it away for free!

As an E-Book, you can download it and read it from your phone.