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Do you have trouble keeping your employees' engaged?


A single disengaged employee who is not learning will costs you USD 16,000 a year! 

If you employ 250 people, that will costs you around $3 million a year! 

Are you looking to
train and engage your employee 
without over-spending

And perhaps only at one-tenth of the costs?

Introducing IDENTI3's 
Gamification Metaverse

We have helped you in your personality profiling, coaching and training for self discovery, now we are here to help you engaged your employees in learning and development.

One-stop solution for your Gamification and Learning needs

Design Sketch Desktop

Contextualising content and background to suit your needs. If you are in an automotive or even in an airport scenario, we can customise it for you.


Creating up-to-date content for your organization's needs such as onboarding, customer service, sales, leadership etc.

Working from Home

Need help to train? We can deliver training and ensure your staff's competencies.

Businesswoman with Mask

Gamification allows you to get more results with less efforts

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