"There's no business problems, only people problems."

Our Story

Founded from a small office, we have grown to be a leading organization in the areas of Talent Management and Organization Motivation.


Today, IDENTI3 remains the industry leading provider in helping organizations build and motivate their teams.


With more than 36 years experience in this industry, we have the expertise to solve your challenge.

Whether you are a person trying to find your direction or an organization, trying to achieve a personal breakthrough, our technology and people are here to help you. 

Our Vision

To help everyone achieve their greatness

Our Mission

To help discover, awaken and transform a change in people with tools of self-awareness

Our Tagline
Our Products and Brands
Psychometric Assessment
Environmental Diagnostics
Leadership and Team Building
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• Do not assume your results or other’s results if the assessment has not been taken. The proper way is to complete the assessment.


• Do not intepret your own results or others if you are not certified. What you do or say, may affect the person. Only take advice from a certified Identi3 coach or trainer. 



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