8 Questions, 5 minutes

Ideal for Self-Discovery, Coaching, Team building and Relationships

What are the 16 traits that IDENTI3 measures?

IDENTI3 measures the way you think to the way you behave
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What are the 8 Archetypes
and their strengths?

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1. Networker

At a glance

Outgoing, approachable and friendly, you can be everyone’s good friend

How to work with a Networker?

A Networker thrives on relationships. If you chain a Networker to her desk, you can be sure that will be the end of her. Instead, unleash her and let her bring people together. 


Recommended job functions

Sales, Hospitality, Public Relations, HR Business Partners, Marketing Communications, Marketing, Entertainment, etc


Famous people

John F Kennedy, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton




2. Carer

At a glance

Kind, charitable and supportive, you are always there to help

How to work with a Carer?

A Carer can be selfless and put others first. When working with Carers, you need to be forthcoming and genuine in your friendship. Let him know where he can help especially when you are feeling down.


Recommended job functions

Hospitality, Travel, Community Work, Service, Education, Early Childhood, Teaching, Human Resources, etc


Famous people

Florence Nightingale, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi




3. Expressive 2.jpg

3. Expositor

At a glance

Articulate and vivid, you are the voice for the voiceless.


How to work with an Expositor?

An Expositor has the charisma to convince others through speaking or writing. An Expositor can make a complicated concept sound easy and convincing and is the best person to take center stage. 


Recommended job functions

Teacher, Product Demonstrator, Call Center, Health and Fitness, Training and Development, Product Management, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, etc


Famous people

George Orwell, Jane Austen, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Pele, Diego Maradona, Carl Lewis



4. Perfectionist

At a glance

Meticulous, observant with high expectation, you settle only for the best.


How to work with a Perfectionist?

A Perfectionist has the ability to spot mistakes even if it’s a thousand miles away. If you want to achieve a higher level of perfection, this is the person to call.


Recommended job functions

Taxation, Audit, Operations, Process Design, Quality Assurance, Life Sciences, Doctor, Surgeon, Consultants, etc


Famous people

Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan

5. Organiser 2.jpg

5. Organizer

At a glance

Organized, systematic and clear, you put the world in order.

How to work with an Organizer?

An Organizer has the ability to identify patterns and sort things in order. However he needs time to do so. An Organizer works best with a plan and he dislikes last minute changes. 


Recommended job functions

Accounting, Analysts and Reporting, Administration, Operations, Project Management, Logistics, Secretarial, etc


Famous people

Jack Walsh, Joseph Bazalgette, Ferdinand de Lesseps




6. Craftsman

At a glance

Toiling, producing and diligent, you enjoy generating work.

How to work with a Craftsman?

A Craftsman needs to know clearly her area of work. A Craftsman may dislike being told what to do. It is good to address her expectations right at the start. 


Recommended job functions

Architecture, Designers, Mechanics, Engineering, Product Development, Medical and Dental, etc


Famous people

CoCo Chanel, Bill Gates,  Frank Whittle, Anne Geddes



7. Investigator 2.jpg

7. Investigator

At a glance

Thinking, inventing and solving, you enjoy fulfilling your curiosity.


How to work with an Investigator?

An Investigator gets intrigued when things do not add up. Throw him a bunch of stuff and he may forget his meal in the course of getting to the bottom of the mystery. 


Recommended job functions

Forensic, Science, Medicine, Research, Journalism, Engineering, Safety, Consulting, Analyst, Finance, Audit,  etc


Famous people

Archimedes, Robert Boyle, Leonardo Davinci, Isaac Newton



8. Artist

At a glance

Creative, flexible and adaptable, you enjoy exploring the unknown.


How to work with an Artist?

An Artist unleashes her imagination and generates possibilities with her exploratory mind. When you have an Artist in your team, you can be sure you will have an out-of-the-box solution. 


Recommended job functions

Events, Promotions, Advertising, Creative, Beauty and Wellness, Fashion, Graphics, Design, Interior, Multi-Media, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, etc


Famous people

William Blake, Michelangelo, Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol