Are training your employees keeping you up all night?


Your Learning and Development Team may costs you $300,000 annually

And keeping them motivated can be a challenge

Are you looking at a
cost-effective way to train people without over-spending

And perhaps only at one-tenth of the costs?
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Introducing IDENTI3's 
Learning and Management System

Allowing you and your team
to learn on-the-go

Introducing IDENTI3's 
E-Learning Platform

We have helped you in your personality profiling, coaching and training for self discovery, now we are here to help you engaged your employees in learning and development.

One-stop solution for your LMS needs

Design Sketch Desktop

Digitising your existing content such as your Employee Handbook and make them experiential and interactive. 


Creating up-to-date content for your organization's growing needs such as Leadership, Customer Service, Sales etc.

Working from Home

Delivering training and competencies to your staff

Typing at Desk

Allowing you to get more results with less efforts

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