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Discover your personality

We need to be awake when making choices in our daily lives and routine. Our reactions, decisions, and outcomes are all based on the choices we make. The IDENTI3 Personality Profiling lets you understand why and how you make those choices. And how you can alter your course of actions, beliefs, and results if you pay attention to yourself and your choices by finding out your inner true traits and talents. 

Career Coaching

Confused about what to do or what jobs are suited for you? Identi3 coaches will help you identify one of your 8 career types via profiling and help you understand your strengths, improve your weakness and guide you in the direction of career success based on your true talents. 

Life Coaching

Just like how every athlete has a coach, Identi3 coaches pay attention, listen to you, help you strategize and accomplish milestones in your life where it is truly needed. Identi3 coaches will be there for you every step of the way in your personal and professional journey.

We all love and communicate differently. Learn to understand your own emotional and communicative style and that your loved ones. By doing so you can give and receive love in a way that is understood and mutually respected by each other.

Relationship Coaching

Business Coaching

Ever felt that you wanted to start something on your own? Or that your Business could be doing more? Our business coaches will act as your credibility partners and keep you accountable for your business growth.


Whether you are just starting out or already own a business our coaches can help you. Using your personal profiling blueprint they will help you identity your personal areas of strengths and weaknesses and help you strategize the perfect plan that suits your profile.


We will also show you the leadership system that will make you an influential leader designed for success.

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