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An invitation to Collaborate

IDENTI3® is one good way for you to make a good living by helping people
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If you are in the business of helping people grow, i.e Human Resources, Training, Coaching people, you may be whom we are looking for

As our certified Coaches and Trainers, you benefit from our technological capability that will allow you to increase your sales and expand your core business. 


Identi3® is a state-of-the-art provider in the area of business consulting. You have a peace of mind knowing that our products are used by companies listed in Fortune 500. 


Over the past years, we have made a significant reinvestment in our business – in people, technology, processes and also in product and services development.


We will continue to do so in years to come. In our research lab in North America and Asia, we think of ways of making things better.


We have also made changes to the way we carry out business, especially with international clients in mind. 

As our certified Coaches and Trainers,
you do not need to:

• Worry if our product is untested 

• Worry that we would stop researching or innovating 

• Worry if you need a big capital to get started

• Worry about investing in machinery, warehousing or technology that becomes obsolete quickly

• Worry if you are ravaging the environment’s resources just to make money (unless you overprint your training material or brochures)

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Instead, you will:
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• Have access to our decade’s experience in consulting and psychometrics

• Work with an excellent support team who are focused on your client’s needs

• Have access to a broad range of new and upgraded products and services

• Get training to deliver the best program

• Have access to a tested, proven business model

• Represent our brand and be our ambassador

• Help to shape the minds of the society, positively

• Help improve organization productivity 

• Guide individuals in their personal, career and relationship goals

• Gain personal growth

• Leave a lasting legacy

Profile of a Certified Coach and Trainer

'Bring home the Bacon (H.A.M)'


You have a passion in education and in helping people


You are familiar with the market and what people are willing to pay for


You or someone in your team has the ability to sell or deliver our content

Unlock your interest

To filter out real enquiries, our Channel Partner manual is available for USD 99 only

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