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Largest psychometric study of Singapore’s workforce yields valuable insights

Cover Page of White Paper

3rd, October 2016, Singapore – Identi3 International, an organization development consultancy with a 34-year history from United States, announced the largest #psychometric study on Singapore’s workforce.

Together with, one of the prominent and established job portal in Singapore, Identi3 International, published a white paper outlining the different personality types in #Singapore in various industries. With a sample size of 11,037 respondents, this is, without a doubt, the largest population study by a psychometric company in Singapore.

Director of Identi3 International (Singapore), Mr. Jace Tan says, “This information has revealed the potentials and pitfalls of the workforce especially in this uncertain economy. I am especially proud to do my part as a Singaporean to help others identify their #career potential and to guide those who are #reskilling themselves to different markets. This research will come in useful for those who are hiring, providing career coaching and are providing vocational skillsets to students.”

Apart from personality to fit job results, one of the significant findings show the Singapore population having a shortfall in leadership traits: only 5.9% in Singapore has high leadership traits compared to the global scale of 9%. The lack of good leaders is the concern for an organization in their growth and succession planning.

The research also yields insights into the personality types that get better pay and career prospects. The Networkers, Expositors, Perfectionists and Organizers type get rewarded better especially in the 0 – 4 years upon entering the #workforce. Interestingly, in the 5 – 9 years, the Artists and Investigators type achieved the highest career growth. Their career progress can be due to the inquisitive or risk taking nature. On the overall, each of the personality types experienced growth in some ways. However, the Carers, Craftsman, and Investigators experienced a lower level of success. These findings give #training and #coaching advice to those who want to excel in the corporate ladder.

The white paper also revealed a substantial social impact faced by the Republic: The respondents in the 31-40 years of age recorded the biggest dip in Empathy, causing the researchers to believe that there is a correlation with the rising divorce cases in Singapore.

Identi3 International will make this white paper available and will work with industry leaders on their talent management programs.

About Identi3 International

With a 33-year history, Identi3 International now serves more than 2,000 global companies worldwide. With constant technological and social changes, Identi3 International keeps up to date with continuous research, innovation, and normative studies.

Identi3 Profiling looks into individual, team and organizational performance – when you want to excel in what you do, that’s information worth knowing.

The success of Identi3 Profiling is attributed to the maturity of users who look beyond conventional psychometric profiling.

With a 13-year presence in Singapore, Identi3 International (Singapore) won the Gold Award for the Best Psychometric Provider conferred by esteem magazine – Human Resources.

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