Mapping Identi3 Profiling to Singapore Skill's Framework

<Singapore> The Skills Framework is an important part for HR, Coach or Trainer in Singapore.

The Singapore government that takes into account of its changing environment and encourages its workforce to look up and to look ahead.

In Identi3's 34 years of research into National and Organization productivity, Job-Fit is an important issue to address. In our Career Coaching process, Identi3 Coaches are taught to identify important personality traits that the job require. A good job-fit prevents absentism, low productivity or mid-career switch which is detrimental to the organization, the individual (and his family) and on a nation-wide basis.

To support our Coaches, Trainers and HR in Singapore, our R&D team will be matching the essential traits to each sector, job.

Certified Identi3 Coaches and Trainers can use this for free. Our roadmap is to implement this template onto our online Job-Fit Index system so that HR recruiters will have an easier time.

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