Disrupting the World of Psychometrics

Identi3 International Pte Ltd, a leading psychometric tool publisher announces the world's most effective and efficient questionnaire with only 8 questions called the Perfect8.

Psychometric tests are important tools in recruitment, training and coaching as they provide a scientific analysis in the HR workflow. When a potential employee does not have the right personality for the job, no amount of training can fill the gap.

According to the Director of Identi3 International Pte Ltd, Mr Jace Tan, "In an age and time where speed is important, corporates and respondents become tired of lengthy and cumbersome questionnaire design that produces little result. Identi3's Perfect8 is a disruptor to the psychometric world.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Respondents do not suffer from profiling fatigue and agree that their Perfect8 results are reflective of their personality. It is also suitable for students aged 11 and above."

Country Manager for Malaysia and Indonesia, Mr Prince Raj says in an interview, "Perfect8 is the result of analyzing millions of Identi3 entries. Researchers from IDENTI3 Lab discovered that they were able to further reduce the 20 questions from the current Identi3 Classic and yet retain its accuracy."

With a history of 35 years in research and development in the area of Organization Development and Psychology, Identi3 International continues to innovate in this area. Users of Identi3 includes National Environment Agency, Singapore Discovery Center, PSB Academy, Cycle and Carriage, KFC, Pizza Hut, Breadtalk, Changi Airport Emergency Services, STJobs, to name a few.

Jeslin Lim, Divisional Manager of Cycle and Carriage Human Resources, says, "We have been using Identi3 profiling for more than a decade. It is still relevant after all these years speaks a lot about the validity and reliability of the product."

Tzu Bing, VP of Private Bank, UOB Bank at Raffles Place who had experienced IDENTI3 Profiling with her team says, "It was extremely insighful and useful as a tool for us to better our work and people relationships."

Perfect8 comes in two versions. Both comprise of only eight questions.

Perfect8 will produce the 8 types with 16 traits while the Perfect Lite will show only 8 traits. The Perfect Lite is priced for those who are price sensitive but yet require a profiling tool for their HR intervention.

Identi3 retails at SG$75 per questionnaire. The Perfect8 and Perfect Lite are priced at SG$49 and SG$29 respectively.

Perfect8 and Perfect Lite will be available at the end of October 2019.

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