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Kate Kharchenko tries IDENTI3 Profiling

Updated: Feb 14

Kate is a STOTT Pilates instructor and ACE Personal Trainer and has completed multiple courses including pregnancy exercise, injury care, flexibility and nutrition courses. She has been training women since 2015 and continue to create workout programmes and nutrition plans for both men and women.

Upon completing IDENTI3, this is what she said,

"While Yoga helps me to understand my body and limitations, I have just used this self-awareness tool, called Identi3 (pronounced as ‘Identity) to discover my strengths, my emotional resilience and my blind spots.

I have definitely learned things about myself that I have previously ignored or didn’t want to think about... it’s very valuable.

Self-awareness can help us to avoid the karma of repeating our mistakes over and over again."

Want to know more about Kate and her wellness program? Follow her on IG: Katekharc or website:

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