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New 'Communications Style' Report

Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. It is what enables us to pass information to other people and to understand what is being said to us.

Employers recognize that effective, integrated and coordinated communication is integral to carrying out an organization’s goals.

Unlike other communication techniques that teach us to mask and modify ourselves, this report shows our communication behaviour as ‘who we are’ based on our personality traits.

When we have a deeper understanding of ourselves, we are mindful of our ability to communicate effectively.

This report gives you a detailed look at your communication style based on the IDENTI3 questionnaire you completed. It is divided into eight parts.

1. Initiating Conversation

2. Making Conversations Relevant 3. Articulation and Clarity 4. Diplomacy 5. Active Listening and seeking win-win 6. Negotiation Style 7. Maintaining Credibility 8. Deliverables

View the sample report here.

Ask your local representative to enable your account to start receiving the Communications Style Report. Requires 1 x credit per report.