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IDENTI3 launches world's first online metaverse community for learners and practitioners

10th December 2021 - #IDENTI3 International Pte Ltd, a #businessconsulting company and #psychometric tools publishers announces the launch of their #onlinecommunity for learners and users.

IDENTI3 International Pte Ltd is an organization with more than 37 years history in research and consulting in #Organizationdevelopment and #psychology. With its presences in Asia and Singapore, the group has always incorporated the latest technology and trend as it solves #productivity and #hiring issues faced by organization's.

In the year 2004, when Internet was at its infancy, IDENTI3 International was the first to put its psychometric tool online and as #SAAS (Software as a Service). Other innovations include creating the world's first psychometric tool with only 8 questions, video interviews as well as integrating #facialrecognition and #biometrics in #recruitment, #assessment and #leadership development.

The launch of IDENTI3's #onlinecommunity further brings the company into the world of #metaverse. IDENTI'3 metaverse offers an alternative to #zoom meetings, promotes #growth, #interaction and #creativity. Users can customise their own #avatars. On the #virtual map, users can explore different spaces and engaged in different activities.

Users can use the metaverse to explore IDENTI3's virtual office and get information on its service offerings. They may also meet with certified IDENTI3 #Coaches and can be paired up for #coaching.

The use of the metaverse environment extends beyond the online community.

IDENTI3's representative from Singapore, Mr Jace Tan, says, "We have conducted #training and #teambuilding through our metaverse environment and it has been well-received. Learners who have been suffering from #zoomfatique sees our Online offering as a refreshing change. We are also building metaverse maps for our clients for their #onboarding and training use."