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Instructions for Accessing IDENTI3's Virtual Metaverse Online Activity

Updated: Feb 14


The following information will provide you information on how to access the #IDENTI3 #metaverse platform.


Use Google Chrome , Microsoft Edge, Safari, IE11+ or FireFox on a laptop/ desktop to access the link. Using your mobile phone will give you limited functions.

  1. You will be shown a page where you can customise your avatar.

  2. Next you will be asked to enter your name. You may want to use a name where your friends will know who you are.

  3. If this is your first time, you will be shown instructions to:

  • Move around using your cursor keys

  • How to switch your microphone off

  • How to interact with objects by pressing the X key

When you have finally completed your 'basic training', you will access the virtual office.


1) I am logged in but sometimes I can hear the audio and sometimes I can't.

When you are logged in, you need to keep your tab active. If you switched to other tabs or applications, the computer switches to the audio meant for that application. Hence you lose the Audio on the metaverse.

Solution: Keep the tab on the metaverse.

2) I logged in on Google Chrome using my office computer. I can see but can't hear another?

Your office's wifi and computer may have security settings that prevents the metaverse from working problem. Try to test the site before your event by getting one or two persons before the event:

Solution: Use your own computer and try your own (mobile phone) wifi.


Private spaces allow you and the other person to engage in conversations that only both of you can hear.

Private spaces can be rooms, seats or benches. You will be prompted when you are in a private space.

Use private spaces for your conversations.

(v) Do's and Don't

  • Customise an avatar that represents you and have fun doing so.

  • Do be friendly and polite. Regardless of whom you meet, you should be polite in real person as you are virtually.

  • Do listen for instructions if you are participating for online events or team building.


  • Don't use profanity or obscene in your actions.


When you use IDENTI3's #online #metaverse, you agree with our terms and conditions found on

If you do not conduct yourself in a proper manner, you may be banned from using the space.


Now you are ready, wait for your facilitator to provide the link to you.

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