If you have tried to get someone to change, you know how difficult it can be!


Real transformation happens only when people feel empowered, and people only feel empowered when they feel they are being ‘heard’. And that is the cornerstone of the D.E.E.P Coaching model and what sets it apart from the competition.


The D.E.E.P Coaching process is a simple yet powerful participant-focused method of getting amazing results by identifying and then addressing the real root of the problems faced by those being coached. D.E.E.P Coaching allows you to put people first and solutions second


Who should read this book? 

CEOs, managers, Coaches and teachers who need to deliver transformational coaching


When should the D.E.E.P Coaching model be used?


The D.E.E.P Coaching model can be used for a variety of coaching situations, such as: 

• Performance Coaching 

• Skills Coaching 

• Career Coaching 

• Career Aligning

• Career Transitioning

• Business Coaching

• Performance and Appraisal 

• Outplacement

• Grievances

• Personal or Life Coaching 

• Executive Coaching

• Team Facilitation

• Job shadowing 

• Parenting 

• Relationships


--- Testimonies --- 


"Simple yet powerful concept that will significantly change the way we (Coaches) coach." - Frederick Toh



"What can I say? I enjoyed reading your other books and this one came at no surprises. With your years of experience in Coaching, you have hit the nail on the head (again)!" - Judy Seah



"As an Educator for more than two decades, I have never come across such astonishing concept -  Simple to understand, Easy to implement and Effective for the Teacher."  - Tess Yeoh


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    • Do not assume your results or other’s results if the assessment has not been taken. The proper way is to complete the assessment.


    • Do not intepret your own results or others if you are not certified. What you do or say, may affect the person. Only take advice from a certified Identi3 coach or trainer. 



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