The number of divorce cases in Singapore continues to rise year after year.

Like most couples, author Jace Tan had never thought that his marriage would fail. He married the woman of his dreams following a passionate, intense period of courtship and dating. However, just three months after the wedding, his wife left him. He never saw her again. Struggling with depression and grief, Jace searched for answers to his relationship’s failure. Two years on, he began to see glimmers of light.


New book on relationship education reveals how couples can break out of toxic cycles and build sustainable relationships systematically.


Praise for this book


"I wanted to say great job on the book! It is very relevant and applicable to my current relationship of 2+ years. After reading the book, I was quite intrigued by the various concepts that were covered, and am very motivated to discuss them with my boyfriend. My eyes have been opened to other ways I can use to make my relationship better, ways that no one has shared with me before. The anecdotes used throughout the book were very clear, and it was easy to relate them to my past experiences. " - Annabelle Ong


"You have provided amazing insights as to what makes and breaks a relationship.

I wished it was available 10 years ago. This could have saved my relationship.” - Frankie Teo


 “Maintaining a successful relationship isn’t a game of chance. As you have rightly pointed out, the love chemistry fizzles out over time. We are left to our own. Most of us grapple with our relationship using others or our parents as models. What a big mistake! The Relationship Effectiveness Quotient is truly the blueprint for maintaining and sustaining the relationship between two people. This framework will serve well for those who are genuine.” - Daisy Toh

E-Book: The Closer We Get, The Uglier It Gets

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