You want success in your life. You spend a considerable amount of effort and money looking for success but fall short of your goals. The explaination is  simple:


  YOU are only as STRONG as your WEAKEST link. 


Chinese philosopher Lao Tze once said, “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.”


If you want to get ahead in life, this book will show you how to get started.


--- Testimonies --- 


 “Hi Jace, Your book was really insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and finished

 reading it in one seating. I’m quite fascinated how you’ve expounded each point very systematically

and precise in their given perspectives.” - Anthony Raj


 “I have personally used the IDENTI3®  tools for counselling, therapy as well as

coaching. I am happy that Jace has written a book on it to enable all to have insights to

what the tool is about and how it can be applied in one’s personal mastery.” - Rosemary Phan


 “I have experienced IDENTI3®  in the team building providing by my company.

This book provides an deeper insight to what was taught and what we should

do on an individual level. I am taking my journey of self-awareness two steps

further with this book. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to grow on

a professional level.” - Cindy Leong

E-Book: What's your Blind Spot?

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    • Do not assume your results or other’s results if the assessment has not been taken. The proper way is to complete the assessment.


    • Do not intepret your own results or others if you are not certified. What you do or say, may affect the person. Only take advice from a certified Identi3 coach or trainer. 



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