Contains the Identi3 14 different types of reports. 

Available after you complete the Identi3 Classic Questionnaire (20 questions).

Who is it for?

The full report is for learners who want to understand themselves and improve for the better.

What does it contain?

1. Basic Report 

2. Leadership Report 

3. Managerial Competency Report 

4. Personal Success Report 

5. Emotion Quotient (EQ) Report 

6. Career Recommendation Report 

7. Career Development Report 

8. Career Coaching Guide

9. Communications Style

10. Work-as-a-Team Report
11. Thinking and Learning Style 

12. Sales Style 

13. Diversity and Inclusion Guide (Fitting In) 

14. Diversity and Inclusion Guide (Accepting New People)

Why should you use this?

This full package allows learners to understand themselves in various aspects. 

When should you refer to this report?

You may want to use this report when you want to have a view of your behavior in specific situations. 

Limitation of this report

The reports evaluate your traits and is independent of the environmental factors. It does not contain skills, knowledge, experience and other attributes. Please consult with a certified IDENTI3 Coach

Profiling: Identi3 Bundle Reports (Full 14 Reports)

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  • You can ask for a refund before completing the questionnaire. If you do not receive your order, please provide an alternative email address for delivery.

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• Do not assume your results or other’s results if the assessment has not been taken. The proper way is to complete the assessment.


• Do not intepret your own results or others if you are not certified. What you do or say, may affect the person. Only take advice from a certified Identi3 coach or trainer. 



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