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PerfectLite is a simplified version of our renown profiling tool. With only 8 questions, PerfectLite is ideal for scenarios such as coaching, team building where respondents are authentic in their answers and just want to get a quick understanding of themselves. 


Users have the option of upgrading to Perfect8 with top-up. 




Our admin will send you the instructions and a OTP (One Time Password) to access the questionnaire. 
Once you complete the PerfectLite Questionnaire, you will receive 1 x Basic Report.


This is a digital product. No actual product will be sent.

What does this payment contain?

You will get the following reports: 

1. Basic Report

Why should you use this?

Get a comprehensive understanding of your behaviors by doing just one report.

When should you refer to this report?

You may want to use this report when you are more serious about discovering yourself.

Limitation of this report

The reports evaluate your traits and is independent of the environmental factors. It does not contain skills, knowledge, experience and other attributes. You may want to consult a certified IDENTI3 Coach or Trainer to unlock the report's full potential. 

Perfect Lite Profiling for 1 pax (1 x Basic Report)

  • You can ask for a refund before completing the questionnaire. If you do not receive your order, please provide an alternative email address for delivery.

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