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Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?


This test is intended for personal use only. Using them for psychiatric assessment constitutes a violation of our Terms of Use.

This tests are not a tool for diagnosing or reporting any type of health or mental health conditions.


These tests are intended to be for the purpose of education and guidance in order to help raise awareness of particular experiences or psychological distress that the user 
may face and to seek professional help if needed.

Woman with Protective Mask

Easily irritated?


Feeling sad or down?




Excessive Worrying?


Extreme Mood Swings?




Losing interest?

COVID-19 Pandemic and resulting economic recession

have negatively affected many people’s mental health.


If you are dragging

yourself to a job

that pays you $50,000,

$90,000 or $150,000 a year, 

your performance is affected

When you are unable to cope

with your relationships

Your family and you are suffering

You tried to work it out

But you can't seem to walk out of it.

Couple Working Together

Introducing the

Resilience (Mental and Emotional) and Adaptability Guide 

A personality based approach to help you understand how you cope

Most of the time, you just need to know more about yourself

And IDENTI3 profiling allows you to do just that!

Couple on Laptop

20 questions

< 15 minutes

16 traits 

3 insights

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What people saying about the



"I have a greater clarity of myself and where things are stressing me up. It helps alot when you are guided." 

- Vanessa Johansen

"My wife and I were going through huge work stress and this report clears it up. Thank you" 

- Michael Abiode

"I was happy and unhappy at times. This report helps me to understand why I am behaving in such ways. I am ok mentally and adapting well. It's my emotions that I need to manage." 

- Peter Lai

"After I was let go from my work due to COVID downsizing, I was really unhappy. I couldn't step out from the shadows all these time. This report is insightful and gives you the rationale behind your thinking and emotions. The best part was the Coach. He was very enlightening.

- Anunak Saetang

Mother and Daughter Love

Don't struggle alone with your  

$50,000, $90,000 or $150,000 job and strained relationship

Work smart and let a $29 scientific questionnaire help you regain your confidence. (Usual price $57)
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