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Psychologist and Coach

As an expert in people's mindsets and performance, I coach and train organizations and individuals to identify and define their 'glass ceilings'. 

Eleora Chin


Identi3 Ambassador

Gabriel Tang


Identi3 Ambassador


Haniah Abdul Hamid


Identi3 Ambassador


I believe and trust that business needs strong and competitive people strategy to build their talent pipeline that enables sustainable and scalable business successes.

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Corporate Trainer and Coach

Get in contact with me for training and coaching purpose.

Kaung Satt Thar


Identi3 Ambassador


Creating a Community that Moves with Awareness and Love

Khor Hui Yi


Identi3 Ambassador


Clinical head/ Senior Counselor at Canossaville Children and Community Services

Michelle's dedication and passion for her work centers on being in service to others so that they too can strive to reach their fullest potential in relationship and personal life goals.

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Life Mind-Mapping Coach & Consultant

Michael is a Life mind-mapping coach with purposeful driven mindset and passionate in helping organisations and individuals to find their true identity


Headhunter and Adjunct Lecturer

Patrick guides his candidates who are seeking new opportunities and create learner-centred environments that motivate students to successfully apply and hone their skills. 


Transforming Every Individual into Exceptional Talents (via Self Awareness and Agile Servanthood Self Leadership)

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Transformation Coach

Sufyan provide transformative platforms resulting in a positive and possible shift one person at a time.

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• Do not assume your results or other’s results if the assessment has not been taken. The proper way is to complete the assessment.


• Do not intepret your own results or others if you are not certified. What you do or say, may affect the person. Only take advice from a certified Identi3 coach or trainer. 



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