Understanding your USER INTERFACE

1. How to add a shortcut on your iphone/ ipad

If you are an administrator and want a quick way to access IDENTI3 website on your iphone, you can create an APP to access your login by following these steps.

2. Accessing your Corporate Account
  • ​In this video, you will learn how to save the webpage for quick access 

  • Please take note that Username and Password are case-sensitive

  • Remember to choose the correct account type - Client

3. Create a one-time password for your respondents

In this video, you will learn how to create a one-time password and communicate it with your candidate/ learner. You can create multiple one-time password by using separate lines.

Communicate the one-time password to the respondent using your own email or whatsapp.

4. How to access Perfect8/ PerfectLite Questionnaire from your Admin Panel

Based on your paid subscriptions, you may have the options of different Identi3 questionnaire. In this video, you will learn how to toggle between the different questionnaires.

5. Assessing the Identi3 questionnaire from your Administrator desktop

Do you know that you can create the questionnaire from your desktop? This is useful when the candidate comes to your office for an interview.

6. Viewing completed results from your Admin Inbox

When Candidates/ Learners complete their email, your administrator email will receive a PDF copy. You can also find them in the Admin Panel INBOX. Watch this video to find out where to find them.

7. Searching for Candidates using Search and Identi3 Type buttons

The Search function allows you to locate a completed profile quickly. Take note that you need to press the 'SEARCH' button instead of using 'ENTER' on your keyboard.

8. Comparing two profiles and generating a report

When you have profiles in your inbox, you can use the 'Comparison' feature to assess a team fit (corporate or for relationships). HR, Trainers, Coaches or Relationship coaches will find this useful.

9. Using Folders to categorize profiles

When you have a sizeable profiles, you can use the Folder Options to keep profiles in various categories. You can categorize the Folders into departments, seniority, hired/ not hired, etc.

10. Using the job fit index for recruitment and selection

Want to know which candidate fits your criteria? You can do so by setting your recruitment criteria in the Job-fit index.