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2. Download icons for use

Right click on the icon above to download the files in MSword.

Download your icons and use them on your name card, websites. Let other people know your strengths and how to work with you!​


Download free icons

3. Get Merchandise that speaks for you

Identi3 Profiling collaborates with online merchandise shop - Society6, to bring you the products that speak on your behalf. New designs to be updated every week!


Get mugs, iPhone cases, pillows, wall clocks that say everything about your Identi3 Type. Never worry again that people do not know your true identi3. 

Identi3 Merchandise

4. Further Reading

Want to know more about the dimensions and Identi3 Types? Our colleague has put together his 12 years of experience in this book. 


As an E-Book, you can download it and read it from your phone. Yours now for USD17.99

Further Reading
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Read the first 2 chapters for free!

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